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Enginnova energy LLP is ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Enginnova energy team work towards efficient, cost effective and optimum design solution for solar systems. Team is continuously working to bring solar energy more closer to consumers and let consumer get benfitted from it. Enginnova energy is lead by COEP, SIBM Pune aluminl with 15+ years of experience in solar, engineering.

The sun has indeed shined warmly upon us, but the journey has been challenging. The hesitation to adopt a new technology is observed in many markets, and it took us several dedicated years of demonstration, application and steady customer service to make an impact with this revolutionary technology in India.

Our Service


  • Solar Panels - Tier 1 Global leaders
  • Solar String Inverters, Central Inverters
  • Solar Pumps - 1hp to 100hp
  • Solar OffGrid / Hybrid Systems.
  • Engineered Solar Structure


  • Engineering Consultants
  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Procurement
  • Design

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We can suggest you alternative source of energy

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