About Us

Enginnova Energy high-power energy system can run air conditioners and works whether the grid is up or down – or where there is no grid at all. Enginnova Energy allows you to switch to solar even if your utility does not allow net-metering and is perfect for markets with frequent power failures where it replaces diesel generators at half the energy cost. Costs have decreased and policies are favorable, but average homeowners, business-owners, non-profit administrators or housing societies all face a very frictionful experience when they try to explore solar as a solution. This is the problem we are solving at Enginnova Energy. We make it easy for people to save money while doing well for the environment. Today, Enginnova Energy is one of the most innovative and fastest growing platforms for rooftop solar in India.


Our aim has been to make every home, office and industry solar-powered. We have undertaken the role of a consultant and we guide customers into taking the right decisions for them and for the environment too.


Developing Innovative, cost effective solutions for specific applications & to provide a host of products in solar thermal and solar rooftop, paired with maintenance services.



Facility :
  • Factory has state of the art modern equipments enhanced with Highly skilled technicians with their rich experience as domain expertise builds our products that gives customer outstanding quality and stands above all.
  • We ensure quality by adopting 6S sigma, DFMA, DOE, KAIZEN.
  • 25 years of experience in Solar Water heater manufacturing